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CryptPad is an end-to-end encrypted and open-source suite of applications for productivity and collaboration that includes: Rich Text, Spreadsheets, Code/Markdown, Kanban, Slides, Whiteboard, and Polls.

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CryptPad offers generous free plans for both guests and registered users.

Free guest users get (no personal information required):

  • Access to all the applications: CryptDrive, Teams, Sheet, Rich text, Kanban, Code, Form, Poll, Whiteboard, Markdown slides
  • Open documents: View and download documents shared by other users
  • Common features: Edit, Import & Export, History, Userlist, Chat
  • Limited access to CryptDrive: Ability to store visited documents in your browser to be able to open them later
  • Limited storage time: Documents are deleted after 90 days of inactivity


Free registered users get (no personal information required):

  • All guest user features: With additional functionality
  • Social features: Add contacts for secure collaboration, create a profile, fine-grained access controls
  • Upload and share files: Store files in your CryptDrive: images, PDFs, videos, and more. Share them with your contacts or embed them in your documents. (up to 25MB)
  • Complete CryptDrive functionality: Folders, shared folders, templates, tags
  • Your documents on all your devices: Access your CryptDrive everywhere with your user account
  • Personal storage (1 GB): Documents stored in your CryptDrive are not deleted for inactivity

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