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Coast’s Business Valuation Calculator

Coast’s Business Valuation Calculator is a quick tool that calculates two ‘valuations’ based on your sales, cost of sales, and other factors.

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Advanced Valuation and Strategy

Advanced Valuation and Strategy - M&A, Private Equity, and Venture Capital is a course from Coursera instructed by professor Han Smit that teaches about the latest valuation methods.

Tresle’s Business Valuation Calculator

Tresle's Business Valuation Calculator can help you discover your company's value as you bring it to market by entering a few financial details about your business.

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Pre-Money and Post-Money Valuation

Pre-Money and Post-Money Valuation typical scenario: a startup accelerator invests $25,000 for a 5% stake in the company. The calculator will tell you that this startup's valuation was $475k pre-money and is $500k post-money.

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