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Beast Mode

Namecheap Beast Mode is a super powerful domain search and generator that allows you to enter up to 5,000 domains or keywords into a single search. You can use various domain hacks, set a price range, and choose between 1164 well-categorized TLDs.

More Details

The transform options include:
Domain Hacks: hireme.com → hire.me
Drop Last Vowel: flicker.com → flickr.com
Pluralize Nouns: tool.com → tools.com

You can also append Prefix/Suffix, meaning include results that add text to the beginning or the end of your keywords.

The 1164 TLDs are organized into convenient categories like finance, business, marketing, short, $2 or less, fun, technology, and many more.

You can sort the results by alphabetical, TLD, and price and hide unavailable domains. Then you can share them using a custom link or export everything as a .CSV file.

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