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Ant Download Manager (AntDM) – is a tool that allows you to repeatedly increase the speed of file downloads due to multiple download streams, resume, schedule downloads, and capture and download audio and video streams.

More Details

Ant Download Manager allows you to process download errors automatically, recover from temporary network errors, reconnect in case of server response delays, and resume interrupted downloads due to loss of connection, network problems, computer shutdown, or unexpected power outages.

AntDM is friendly and easy to use. It has two screens – the first is more common for regular downloads, and the second uses a video preview to track video downloads easily.

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Free Download Manager (FDM) is a download manager with a user-friendly interface and a modern design that supports proxy, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and BitTorrent.

    Tool ID

     🔓 Freemium Tool
      🕓 Free to Try

    Free Features Highlights

    • Integration to Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and their clones
    • Capture audio and video files
    • Downloading media playlist
    • Downloading any files without speed limit
    • Debrids
    • WPCap driver support
    Limitations Highlights
    • Downloading high resolution video
    • Convert video to MP3 audio

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