Advanced Web Ranking (AWR) is an advanced web-based keyword-tracking tool that helps monitor your website’s performance in search results.

More Details

AWR is great for small and medium businesses that can use Advanced Web Ranking’s cloud-based SEO solutions to help with ranking, localization, white-labeling, reporting, analytics, and API.

Emulation, geo-located proxy servers, on-demand ranking data, customizable search engine locations, and website settings are among the features.

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Free Features Highlights

  • Unlimited websites and users
  • No charge for competitor data
  • Easy to manage and scale
  • Reliable SERP data for 4,000+ search engines
  • Actionable metrics to measure what matters
  • Keyword opportunity discovery
  • WYSIWYG reporting with 100+ widgets
  • White-labeled live report sharing
  • Automatic exports for 3rd party integrations
  • Discover emerging competitors
  • Monitor their performance in SERPs and catch up on their keyword strategies