Accounting 101 by The Finance Storyteller is a 26-chapter YouTube course that helps toy start learning the basics of accounting.

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Episode list:

  1. Debits and credits DC ADE LER
  2. Accounting equation explained
  3. Debits and credits explained
  4. Double entry accounting explained
  5. Balance sheet and income statement relationship
  6. Accruals explained
  7. Prepaid expenses explained
  8. Prepaid expense examples
  9. Suspense accounts explained
  10. Depreciation explained
  11. History of accounting
  12. What is a general ledger
  13. US GAAP vs IFRS
  14. Trial balance explained
  15. T accounts explained
  16. Current assets and current liabilities
  17. Cost Of Goods Sold (COGS) explained
  18. Income statement explained
  19. BALANCE SHEET explained
  20. Closing entries in accounting
  21. Accrued revenue
  22. Accrued revenue vs deferred revenue
  23. Adjusting entries
  24. Trial balance vs balance sheet
  25. What is gross profit
  26. Average cost inventory method

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