10 Best Free Time Tracking Tools

The best free time-tracking apps to help you track your work and habits, analyze your web activities, and understand where you spend most of your time.

🏆 10 Best Free Time Tracking Tools


RescueTime is a powerful and comprehensive time management tool for Windows, Macs, and mobile devices that tell you exactly how you spend your time on all of your digital devices. It helps you build better habits, be more productive, and spend more time on meaningful work.

RescueTime screenshot

Key Features

  • RescueTime automatically tracks application usage on your Android device and desktop computer to give you a full and accurate picture of how you spend your time.
  • Activities are automatically categorized by productivity level, so you can see how your phone usage impacts your day, work patterns, and overall focus. (Privacy options let you control exactly what gets tracked.)
  • Set clear goals like spending no more than X hours per week on unproductive activities and a minimum of Y hours on productive ones.
  • Get a weekly email report to see your progress.
  • Works across platforms (desktop, mobile, browser).

Free Type

RescueTime offers both Lite (free) and Premium ($9 per month or $78 per year) plans. For new users, the free version is more than adequate and includes all the above features and more. The paid plan also comes with distraction-blocking software and unlimited historical data (while the free account views your stats for two weeks).

Gmail Time Tracker

Gmail Time Tracker is a time logging service to help you track your reading and writing time in Gmail and download spreadsheet reports.

Gmail time-tracking extension.
Gmail Time Tracker screenshot

Key Features

  • Gmail Time Tracker is fully integrated with Gmail. There is nothing to download and no third-party website you have to visit to log your time or view reports.
  • View reports that show how much time you spend in email working with a specific sender (for example, reading or writing emails to a particular client). Data by senders and receivers are shown automatically in your reports.

Free Type

The free version allows you to track up to 7 hours per month.


Boosted is a productivity and time tracking app for Android allowing you to split your projects into smaller tasks, control your time tracking quickly from the notification bar, export your data to CSV, and more.

Productivity and time tracking app for Android.
Boosted screenshot

Key Features

  • You can keep track of the time you spend on each activity if you break your projects down into smaller actions.
  • You may check the daily and weekly amount of time you devote to your projects using intuitive graphs.
  • Boosted maintains a calendar with all of your work. This makes it simple to decide when to start any new activity.

Free Type

Freemium app:

To sum up a custom date range or export data for longer than a month, you must upgrade to the app’s premium version.


SaveMyTime is a time tracker for Android devices that helps you discover bad habits, monitor your work-life balance, and monitor your work-life balance and digital well-being.

Android productivity and time tracking app.
SaveMyTime screenshot

Key Features

  • Check your work-life balance on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.
  • Create your own titles, colors, and icons for your activities to track anything you need.
  • Set how often Save My Time should replace your lock screen.

Free Type

SaveMyTime is a freemium app. The free plan lets you track up to 9 activities and has limited historical records. You can’t export data; no calendar integration and no date picker.


aTimeLogger is an Android and iOS app that helps you track your personal or working activities using goal setting and tracking their progress.

Charts of time tracking app for Android and iOS.
aTimeLogger screenshot

Key Features

  • The app will notify you when a goal you set is reached to improve your productivity.
  • Create reports for a selected date range or activity types and export them to CSV or HTML format.
  • Select your own theme and assign icons to activity types from the large collection of icons.

Free Type

The iOS app is a paid app, while the Android app is free to use. The Android app has some premium functionality that includes: total stats, a black theme, custom icons, and alert sound selection.

Webtime Tracker

Webtime Tracker is a Chrome extension for tracking your web activity. It includes detailed domain stats, usage visualized by colorful graphs, export to CSV option, and more.

Discover browsing habits statistics.
Webtime Tracker screenshot

Key Features

  • Colorful graphs show the time spent on specific websites, in-depth domain statistics, and overall browsing time.
  • Time is measured precisely by tracking only when the Chrome window is active.
  • Works even while offline.

Free Type

Webtime Tracker is completely free and with no ads.


ATracker is an easy-to-use time-monitoring app and productivity tool that allows you to use it with minimal setup.

Time-monitoring app.
ATracker screenshot

Key Features

  • Start and stop a task with just one touch.
  • You can choose between list and calendar views to see your task entries.
  • Create reports with pie charts, bar charts, and goal progress, then share them via social media and email.

Free Type

ATracker is a freemium app. The free version comes with only basic functions, a limited number of tasks you can create, and limited data export. It also includes ads. The premium plan costs $3 a month.


TimeYourWeb is a detailed time tracker for Chrome browsers that help you know how much time you spend on any site on any day.

TimeYourWeb screenshot

Key Features (of the free version)

  • Check the length of time you spend on each page of any domain and download the data as a CSV file.
  • TimeYourWeb only keeps track of time when your browser is active. The extension differentiates between “Total” and “Active” time monitoring methods. If you use the mouse or keyboard more than once in 30 seconds, the timer will mark that as “Active” time. When a user is inactive for over 30 seconds, yet the browser is open, TimeYourWeb mark that as “Total” time. The “Total” time shows how long you spent watching videos on YouTube or other video-sharing websites and how long your browser was open.

Free Type

TimeYourWeb is a completely free Chrome extension without any ads.

Motivate Clock

Motivate Clock is an app for keeping track of your time in front of the monitor. It allows you to assign your projects for each task, track your time, and analyze personal productivity.

Motivating clock to track time.
Motivate Clock screenshot

Key Features

  • Create personal projects for every task, track the allotted time, and analyze your personal effectiveness statistics.
  • Give you a visual and easy-to-understand look at your project activity. PDF report offers you monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly reports on the project.
  • The app works offline and keeps your time tracking details locally and reliably.
  • Available for Windows and as a browser extension for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

Free Type

Completely free without any restrictions.


Timesheet is an Android and iOS time tracking app that allows you to record your working hours, easily add breaks, expenses, and notes, and create Excel and CSV exports.

Timesheet screenshot

Key Features

  • Timesheet allows you to plan, track, collaborate, and execute projects in real time. You can track expenses, notes, and even coffee breaks.
  • Track your working hours while on the move without ever opening the app using location-based tracking.

Free Type

Timesheet offers both free and paid plans. The free plan comes with time tracking features and project management capabilities, with an unlimited number of projects you can create. The pro version is $10 a month and comes with cloud backups, web access, PDF invoices, and more.

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