Catapush is a simple and scalable delivery API for push notifications on mobile applications. Ideal for businesses sending data-driven operational notifications, including targeted e-commerce and personalized one-to-one messages.

More Details

Catapush provides a real-time dedicated in-app messaging channel, always attempted first. Detailed delivery info and real-time status (sent, delivered, read) about each message sent are provided via callback to the backend system.

The solution supports text personalization with variables for massive sending and two-way communication. SMS fallback for universal reach and additional reliability is provided too.

Catapush’s free trial is for 12 months. No credit card is needed.

  • 100 Muar limit
  • Unlimited push notifications


What is a monthly unique active recipient (MUAR)?

A monthly unique active recipient (MUAR) is a device to whom you sent at least one push message during the calendar month. Once you send the first push message to a recipient, it doesn’t matter how many messages you send. They’re only counted once per month and you can send them an unlimited number of free push messages.

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