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School Planner
School PlannerSchool & College Planner
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School Planner is an android app for students of all ages designed to help you organize your student life and control homework, assignments, and exams.
Khan Academy
Khan AcademyCourses
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Thousands of video tutorials that explain the ins and outs of geometry, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, finance, physics, economics, and more.
SwiftReadSpeed Reading
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SwiftRead is a speed reading extension that helps you speed read through the text in your browser. It works on news articles, blog posts, and emails.
AdapteLearning Authoring
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Adapt is an e-learning authoring tool that creates fully responsive, multi-device, HTML5 e-learning content.
KidsKonnectPrintable Worksheets
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KidsKonnect is a growing library of high-quality, printable worksheets for teachers and homeschoolers. The site focuses on resources for grades K through 5.
TalentLMSLearning Management System (LMS)
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A complete LMS solution that is easy to manage and comes with powerful features to mix self-paced eLearning and instructor-led online learning.
LibriVoxAudio Books, eBooks & Textbooks
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Librivox provides free audio books from the public domain. You will find 5000+ books in their catalogue.
My Study Life
My Study LifeSchool & College Planner
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My Study Life is a school planner that enables you to keep track of your classes, tasks, assignments, and exams on any device.
ChartleCharts & Graphs
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Chartle is an online chart generator that takes out the complexity in the process of online visualizations and lets you easily create nine types of charts.
CoggleDiagrams & Mind Mapping
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Coggle is a collaborative data visualization platform for creating mind maps and flow charts.

The Best Free Categories For You

A Diagrams & Mind Mapping is a visual way to represent a certain idea or concept, structure information, and generate new ideas. A Diagrams & Mind Mapping app makes it easy to share diagrams, convert them into presentations, and enable others to access and view diagrams easily.
Go to Diagrams & Mind Mapping

Bibliography & Citation Generator are tools to help you make accurate citations to copy straight into your projects, such as academic assignments and papers, books, journals, blogs, and others.
Go to Bibliography & Citation

Charts & Graphs tools allow you to turn any data into visual information. After inter your data, you can customize your chart type (line chart, pie chart, bar chart, etc.), change colors, text, grid, etc. If you’re looking for a more advanced data visualization solution, click here.
Go to Charts & Graphs

Assessment software is a solution for educational institutions that helps evaluate and identify students’ performance and learning gaps by conducting secure and scalable online exams.
Go to Assessment & Online Exam

Find the best Free to use eBooks, Audio Books, and Textbooks sites.
Go to Audio Books, eBooks & Textbooks

Screenshot tools allow you to capture an image of your device’s screen. Then you can edit the screenshots, add annotations and highlights, and export and share them.
Go to Screenshot

School & College Planner helps you organize and keep track of everything related to your career as a student using plans for homework and exams, timetables, calendar, and more.
Go to School & College Planner

A Virtual Classroom is an online learning environment using a collaborative web conferencing tool with an online whiteboard, breakout rooms, and screen sharing capabilities for teachers and tutors.
Go to Virtual Classroom

Web conferencing is an online meeting involving two or more participants in different locations. Web conferencing is mainly designed for interactive, intimate meetings, allowing seamless two-way conversation and collaboration.
Go to Web & Video Conference

Life Skills tools and blogs can help you with communication and interpersonal skills, decision-making and problem-solving, creative thinking, self-awareness, and more.
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The best free PowerPoint templates.
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Task & To-do List tools are simple solutions that let you write, organize, and prioritize your tasks more efficiently. You can add a task to a calendar, set reminders & notifications, add attachments, links, and more.
Go to Task & To-do List

Motivation tools help you get motivated by inspiring you with positive affirmations, quotes, tips, insights, motivational books, and more.
Go to Motivation

Video & Screen recording (or screencast) tools allow you to capture your computer screen with or without audio and record videos using your webcam. Then you can edit the records, add annotations and highlights, create effects, and export and share them.
Go to Video & Screen Recording

A Plagiarism Checker detects plagiarized or duplicate content, whether intentional or not, by scanning your content and matching it against billions of web pages on the Internet.
Go to Plagiarism Checker

The best free course and tutorial sites on various topics and at all levels.
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Productive Writing tools can help writers focus, be more effective, and combat writer’s block using a distraction-free text editor and calming environment that encourage consistent writing.
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Educational Games are designed for educational purposes and provide the player with learning and training values like critical thinking, problem-solving, sportsmanship, interaction, and collaboration with peers.
Go to Educational Games

Research & Data Sources tools for writers provide millions of free different professional data sources in all topics such as business, economy, science, politics, health, technology, and many more.
Go to Research & Data Sources

Speed Reading helps to improve your reading speed and still fully understand the content. You can achieve that by speed-reading training programs, Ebooks, videos, apps, and speed reading tests.
Go to Speed Reading

The best free templates for Google Slides.
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Presentation software helps individuals and organizations create presentations for any purpose using a traditional slide show tool or a more modern interactive presentation with navigation, hyperlinks, and hotspots for better engagement.
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Infographics are visual representations of any information or data using elements like images, text, icons, diagrams, charts, and more; they are mostly used for education and marketing purposes. An infographic maker helps you translate your confusing info into simple visuals.
Go to Infographic Maker

Focusing Tools can help you stay on track and keep working and learning using tools for blocking time-wasting apps and websites to eliminate distractions, Pomodoro technique timers, and concentration music and ambient sounds.
Go to Focusing Tools

Whiteboard software is a shared visual canvas that allows multiple users to collaborate remotely or in person. A virtual whiteboard helps share observations, ideas, and suggestions; while doing so, users can also share screens and communicate via audio and video calls or live chat.
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The best free Excel templates.
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Text to Speech (TTS) or “read aloud” technology transfers any words on a computer or other digital device like smartphones and converts them into audio. This solution can help kids and people who struggle with reading, visually impaired readers, or just use it as a multitasking tool that can read for you while doing something else.
Go to Text to Speech

eLearning Authoring tools help you create online training courses, assessments, and presentations using text, media, and interactions without any technical expertise. This content is usually stored and used in Learning Management System (LMS).
Go to eLearning Authoring

Flashcard apps test and improve memory and learning by practicing information retrieval. Those solutions are versatile study tools and have educational benefits like enhancing language skills, analyzing a problem, enriching vocabulary, and many more.
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The best free templates for Microsoft Word.
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Language learning tools and apps can help you build your vocabulary, acquire proper grammar, and become fluent through lessons, courses, and games.
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Typing tools help you improve your typing skills and speed by taking lessons, playing typing games, or conducting typing tests.
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Writing Assistant & Proofreading tools uses artificial intelligence to help writers review and search for appropriate replacements or errors in their work. Those tools check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes and help with word choice, fluency, structure, tone, and style.
Go to Writing Assistant & Proofreading

Study Skills are approaches applied to learning and taking in new information, retaining and recalling data, or dealing with assessments. You may be able to reduce the number of hours you spend studying by developing effective study skills.
Go to Study Skills

Personal Time Tracking tool helps you track your work and habits, analyze your web activities, and allow you to understand where you are spending most of your time.
Go to Personal Time Tracking

Brain Training apps & games help you improve aspects of cognition like memory, attention, focus, and processing speed using fun apps and games like sudoku, crossword puzzles, quizzes, and word problems.
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The best free Google Sheets templates.
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Survey software allows users to create online surveys, polls, quizzes, and other online forms. This software is helpful to all kinds of users in many different scenarios, such as receiving feedback, performing market research, measuring customer or employee satisfaction, and much more.
Go to Survey

A voting system or electoral system allows organizations to run and manage elections easily and securely. It helps make a collective decision or express an opinion using votes while protecting the integrity of the voting process by preventing voters from being able to vote multiple times.
Go to Voting

Addictions tools can help you overcome addictions like drugs, alcohol, porn, smoking, and other physical and psychological dependences using a supporting community, counter to track your progress, motivational messages, data on the money you saved, and more.
Go to Addictions

Writing Skills tools can help you improve your writing by forming a writing habit, accepting synonyms suggestions, getting quotes and pieces of advice from famous writers, and more.
Go to Writing Skills

A learning management system (LMS) is an online education hub that provides the framework that handles all aspects of the digital learning process. It stores eLearning course contents created using eLearning Authoring tools. LMS also allows you to keep track of the learner’s participation and performance.
Go to Learning Management System (LMS)

General Educational Resources websites offer great free resources for teaching and learning multiple subjects.
Go to General Educational Resources

Lesson Planner is a tool that helps teachers create lesson plans quickly and conveniently using timetables, subjects and semesters organizers, pre-made lesson templates, and more.
Go to Lesson Planner

Educational Printable Worksheets are sheet paper with questions or exercises for students to complete and record their answers. Those activities help teachers understand students’ previous knowledge, the outcome of learning, and the learning process.
Go to Printable Worksheets

Transcription or Speech to Text software converts human speech into a rich text transcript. These tools can transcribe audio files, video files, and live sessions and can be a very effective solution for journalists, students, marketers, podcasters, researchers, and many more.
Go to Transcription

Spreadsheets tools provide a flexible and customizable way of organizing and analyzing data. Spreadsheet software makes it simple to do mathematical calculations on statistical data, such as totaling up long columns of numbers or calculating percentages and averages.
Go to Spreadsheets

Writing Toolkit includes various simple writing tools such as words and character counters, readability analyzer, reading and speaking time estimate, reading level checker, and more.
Go to Writing Toolkit

Team communication software allows team members to communicate efficiently, even if working remotely, via direct messages, group chats, and audio and video conferences. It also maintains the communication records, enabling new team members to learn from past experiences.
Go to Team Communication

The best free templates for Google Docs.
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Notes Organizer or note-taking software allows writing, recording, organizing, and filing necessary information in a single place. These tools are similar to document creation apps but are intended for short-form notes or documents.
Go to Note Organizer

Habit Tracker app helps you build and maintain long-term positive habits and reach your goals, using a visual representation of your progress, valuable insights, notifications, and more.
Go to Habit Tracker

Screen sharing is broadcasting the contents of one screen to another device or multiple devices. Other users can then see your screen and watch your activity in real-time. These tools are useful for online presentations, sharing data, demonstrating software or task processes, and collaborating in real-time.
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